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A very much cost-effective and the highly useful drug test tool

As the uses of drugs that are sold illegally are getting increased day by day all over the world, it has become mandatory to check for the drug users and to prevent them from getting addicted to that drug. This is because the addiction may lead to the other kind of social illegal activities that are harmful to the peacefulness of the country. Hence the drug testing has came into practice in order to regulate the issues, drug testing is nothing but identifying the level of drug in the human body by testing either in the saliva, urine or in the blood of the individual who has taken the drug. Saliva drug testing can be done with the help of devices that are specially made to check for the drug content by testing the saliva sample. One among such kits is the oral Instacube that are made to test the drug content in the saliva and is most commonly used in the offices.

How does this kit works?

The oral Instacube consists of two parts namely sampling part and the test part, the test sample has to be placed in the sample testing part which consists of the sponge that has to be filled with saliva so that the testing process can be made. The person who is taking this drug test should not any water or food in his/her mouth. The testing part shows the color change if there is drug in the saliva.

This drug test is usually carried on by spitting on the sponge or by swabbing, after which, the test sample is taken for administration and are tested many times to confirm the result. This saliva test can be done at anywhere like home or office or in a hospital, in the case of swabbing the swab should be kept either in the cheek or below the tongue. This should be kept inside for about few minutes after which, the sample will be given for the testing process.

Who use these tests?

Some people like parents, insurers, employers use these tests in order to take control measures at their home.

  • Employers use these tests as a mandatory process before employing the applicant.
  • The cops take these tests on the people who are abused; this saliva drug test is very simple so that the higher authorities conduct this test on abusers in order to prevent the trauma and other issues.
  • Similarly, in the case of the insurers, to know about the health condition of their customer is very much important hence they conduct the drug test on them for calculating the premium amount.
  • It is very much important duty for the parents to about their kids behavior, thus they conduct this test on their kids to determine the condition.

The drug test tools are highly convenient and are very simple to handle, one small sample is enough to test the presence of various kinds of drugs that are present in the saliva. The result can be shown by the tool in few minutes and very much accurate. These kits are available at affordable prices and are used anywhere like office premises or at home or in a clinic.

What are the possible drugs that can be detected?

Some of the drugs that can be detected with the help of this saliva drug test kit are as follows:

  • Cocaine
  • Opium
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Alcohol
  • PCP

And so on. These kinds of different kinds of drugs can be detected in just analyzing one small sample alone. This can be performed with the help of the multiple panel kits that are available at affordable prices and are highly useful in saving time and money.

These tests can be done on our own, it is not necessary to send these samples to the laboratories for suspecting the presence of drug. The result can be identified on our own just by seeing the color change on the testing component part that is present on the tool. As this is just kept in mouth for taking the sample, it involves no pain during the entire process.

These are very much cost effective in comparison with the blood tests or the hair tests that are being practiced on the olden days, due to this anyone like parents or the employers can afford this highly useful as well as the most important tool kit.

Some drugs like Methamphetamine and Phencyclidine that are present in the saliva can be found even after three days from the consumption, the tool is useful in detecting the drug that is taken before one or two hours, sometimes it can even help in finding the drug that has been consumed twelve hours or twenty four hours back. This tool helps the cops in finding out the culprit who is behind the robbery or the murder cases, the results are very much accurate when it is associated with the finger print test method also. Therefore, in order to reduce the drug abusing people and also to decrease the social illegal activities rate, the saliva drug test tool kit is highly useful for all the people around the world. These kits are even available for sale in almost all the online stores and are trustworthy as well as the cost effective drug testing tool.


These tools are available in various models like single panel tool, six panels test tool, seven panels test tool, ten panels test tool and the twelve panels test tool. In the case where you have to test for different kinds of drugs that are present in the saliva of a drug abuse, it is better to buy the multiple panel drug test tool. These are most commonly used by the cops in order to find the culprit in the accidental case, the drivers can be tested on the spot to find the culprit, so that the effective punishments can be given to them and the social illegal activities can be reduced across the globe. Similarly, practicing this test regularly on the workplaces will definitely help in reducing the crime rate in the society.

Asked by Rambo rockey on Feb 7, 2017

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